Photograph to Live to Photograph

I thought I'd write something about how I photograph. Or more correctly: How I have photographed. I do believe that you evolve your style of photography all the time, since you learn to master technique or technology more and more. It's all off course depending on what your aims are and what limitations you are stuck with or set for yourself.
I did for years use 'focus free' disposable or very basic cameras. My photography was (and still is, to a degree) used by myself to document my life as I lived it. Perhaps the way to describe it.
As I lived my life the photographs - which always appeared after some time, after developing - heightened my experiences.
After a long time (I lived for more than ten years with the plastics) I aquired a point-and-shoot digital camera. That slowly brought me back to the 'scientific' side of photography like aperture settings and ASA/ISO.
Suddenly I could expose for the highlights. When sending the film away for developing and copies t…

No News News

This post is old news. You can find this information elsewhere on the internet. Here's my take on

Modding the Industar-69 to the Leica Thread Mount (LTM) system.
The lens in question was made for the Chaika camera. It does have a threaded mount identical to that of the LTM lenses. However the distance to the film plane is different so you'd be out of focus using it on a LTM camera. But if you're determined to use one of these lenses the conversion is not at all difficult, which is my intention to show with this post.
Step 1: Remove the focusing ring. It is fastened by three tiny screws on the side of the ring.
Step 2: Using your digital camera, focus to 1 meter. Identify which of the two larger screws fastened to the lens body stops it to focus to infinity. This is done by holding the focusing ring in place and turning it along with the lens helicoid starting from the 1 meter marking. To find the correct starting position you align the 1 meter marking - which is symbolize…

Chaika Leica

Well, here's a Chaika 2M that I bought from Alex Helios via Instagram. It's a great full manual viewfinder half-frame camera. The wheel on the top is for shutter time selection, from B to 1/30th to 1/250th of a second. The square button on the front right of the camera is the release/exposure.
  The lens mounted on the camera in the picture is not the original Industar-69. The Chaika is a rare model compact camera since the prime lens is detachable. What is more is that it has M39 screw mount. But - like with the Paxette M39 system - you can't get focus with a lens from another M39 system.
Unless you adapt the lens or - in this case - the camera (mount)!
The Chaika mount is easily detached from the body by loosening four screws. If I want to mount the Leica thread mount M39 (LTM) lenses on the Chaika - which is my goal with this mod - I have to add 1.3mm to the mount. That is what is needed to change the camera's flange focal distance (FFD) from Chaika system to LTM syste…