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A Working Progress

"There is something going on in my part of town..."
  Here's a little peek at the progress made on my work with the children's book Magpie.

London through XA

A few years ago, in London, with an Olympus XA.

Obsoletely Fabulous

The 127-film format is one of many that cropped up during the last century, and all but disappeared after some time. Nowadays the big stars are 135-film and 120-film (220 also, which is twice as much film on a 120 roll).

I've mentioned the 620-film format in my post about the Kodak Duoflex TLR, which is the same size negative as 120-film only on a different (and uncompatible) spool.

Some great cameras were made for the 127-films. The image size is most commonly 40x40 mm which is 12 images on a roll. The second most common seems to be 40x25 mm which produces 16. A rare one is the 40x65 mm.

I got me a Foth Derby 127 camera a while back (in the picture above). It didn't work. They rarely do, I came to realize after some research. That's not strange, really, since they were manufactured before the war, and sported cloth shutters similar to your Canon SLR:s and rangefinders of the 50s and up to the eighties. Glue and cloth ages a tad in 70-odd years. The Derbys with working …

Cats are People too

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