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Early Spring Roll

Here are some pictures from the recent winter weeks, spring coming on.
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Black is Black!

Black is Back

This one's soon up for sale at my Etsy shop.

Update: Here it is!

Film As Canon Fodder

Half and Off

Canon Demi C is a half-format viewfinder camera with exchangeable lenses - which is very rare. Now it is mine!

Exposure works in coupled manual mode as well as in flash setting (1/30th) and B(ulb) with (see below)

 manual aperture control.

 The light meter indicates if you're in the wrong. (Follow the small needle with the large one.)

This is a EUR 1 thriftshop find 126-camera. The 126 stands for the format of pre-loaded film cassettes - similar to the more familiar Instamatic system. The cassettes are no longer for sale, so I cut an old cassette open and loaded it myself with 35 mm film, then duct-taped it shut.

You can see the indicator window of the cassette with the "10". I cut and taped a piece of the old film and protection film to the window to stop light from exposing the new film. The sticker with "200-800" indicates that I'm using 200 ASA-film in the cassette but the camera is pre-set to expose at 800 ASA. This means I will have to tell the lab to…