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Race to Race

I'll be heading to the capital for Stockholm Fotomaraton on August 19-20. I'll see you there!
  Below are some glimpses of my weekend in Malmö and my botched Malmö Fotomaraton this June.

Mount Olympus Size

These fairly similar cameras are of different generations. Looking at today's development in digital rangefinder cameras, with sizes increasing, one could deduce that the bottom camera was the younger one. That is not the case, however. Olympus-35 LE was introduced in 1965 and has fully automatic exposure. The 4,5 volt battery feeds a lightmeter situated on the front of the lens, which in its turn automatically sets aperture and shutter speed according to the light conditions. The lens is fixed and is very light sensitive at 1:1,7.

The smaller Olympus 35 RC was introduced in 1970. The exposure is entirely manually controlled. The RC is one of a few fixed-lens rangefinder cameras with a top mounted control for shutter speed. Aperture can also be set for automatic (A).

The RC has the choice of full manual control, while the LE only has focusing and ASA/ISO setting to be operated by the user. 

Size is different but thickness is similar due to the constraints of the film casse…

For Want of Betterment

These are some pictures taken with the Petri Color 35. They are also the product of me trying to learn basic image editing - to produce pictures I like from my scans. I've not been too successful in the past, as can be seen in earlier posts on this blog.


One can only get philosophical about time and taste and whatnot when considering these two. Large 2011, small 1970.