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Sprocket Fool - 35 mm Panoramic with AGFA ASP 400S

I got hooked on the idea of using unsprocketed 35 mm film for panoramic photographs using my medium format cameras when I became aware of the existence of AGFA:s ASP 400S black & white film. You can't buy rolls of it but bulk amounts of 30,5 meters. My local (200 kms away) photography supplier Brunos Bildverkstad were kind enough to stock it after my request.

Earlier, I modded my other 6x6 cm Seagull TLR to make panoramic 3x6 cm exposures by taping up the film plane with electrical tape, and winding 'half-winds', which I've written about in an older post. By using the full width of the ASP 400S film there's no need to use tape. Also - using 35 mm cassettes as both feeding and receiving along with adapters to fit them in 120 format cameras (and others! Read on.) makes it very easy to load the camera i daylight and consequently make photographs without any fuss.

All of this is nothing new if you've used sprocketed 35 mm film in Lomography's Sprocket Rocket …

Expired Film - Obsolete Camera; More Goodies

Here are photographs from my second roll taken in November with the APS-system Canon EOS IX7 and adapted M42 Yashinon 50 mm lens.
Here I wrote about the first time I used the camera, film system and lens combination.

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Areas Turn Red - Panoramas in Redscale

Early one morning in the late summer I made some exposures on Lomography's redscale film with my panoramic-modded Seagull 6x6 TLR.
I extrapolated on the set-up in this post.
The film was developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.

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