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Raised Views

I got a Fed 2 rangefinder camera to sell in my shop. It seems to be a younger specimen than my own Fed. The differences are not very obvious.

Relish Publish

My latest illustration work.

Family Fotos

I own a fixed lens single lens reflex (SLR) camera called Mamiya Family. (Also sold as Mamiya Korvette or Saturn in different markets.) It was manufactured in the mid-60s. Both the aperture and shutter speed controls are placed on the lens, like on a fixed lens rangefinder camera, and unlike on SLRs where the shutter speed mechanism is placed in the body. This set-up wasn't all that uncommon on early SLRs, though. The reflex cameras hadn't yet largely won the consumer market. And this is no pro' camera.

I brought this camera for a visit to my future area of residence - namely Bergslagen which is an area where for hundreds of years iron ore was sourced and refined. It is now part of the so called 'rust belt'.