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Showing posts from June, 2012

Beckon business

Swedish midsummer has come and gone. Truly a lovely time in the coutryside; in my experience - any type of countryside will do.   Today's book: Great book! Great story! TRUE story!

Prep shop

We are preparing viral marketing, set to launch in the coming weeks.   Today's drawing is of a favourite book published in recent years. The "we" in the title is actually the main character. Usually in stories it's a "she", "he" or "I", but in this case it's a collective story. It's set in an advertising firm in economic decline. Funny and disconcerting.

Emotional density

That's what she used to write about - emotionally complicated characters and their families. The books 'Human croquet' and 'Behind the scenes at the museum' are great novels. This one I haven't had the pleasure to read yet.   Lately Kate Atkinson has written some detective stories, which have been serialized on television. I like the early novels better, though. What do you think?

Book today

Today's book concerns the European society and the jewish communities during the century and half before Hitler.

Shop chop

It's great to have a blackboard wall! We made some drawings as temporary decoration. It's also possible to write messages and pricing there.   Today's drawing is of a book by one of my favourite English writers - Julian Barnes.

Cat in my lap

We are surrogate parents to an asthmatic cat and another one with bad teeth. The asthmatic one is the more loving one, hence the cat in my lap right now.   Here is today's book.

Our shelves

Today was a day for building. I'm rearranging the shelving system today and tomorrow. Have half-and-half finished a new bookshelf today, and put the finishing touches on the blackboard wall (now ready for the chalk crayons!).   And here is today's book.

My little hobby

Here's a drawing of a book from our stock. I find it very relaxing to spend a few minutes making little pictures, like this one.   Today was a nice day at the shop. The neighbor bookshop Antikvanti celebrated their fourth anniversary. There were readings, lectures and music the whole afternoon; and of course lots of people milling around, sipping beverages. Very nice!

Our Rainy Day

Today most of the afternoon the city was seiged by a monsoon. At least the Swedish equivalent of a monsoon. Not many people came by, incidentally, which enabled me to delve into isbn-crunching. This is what needs to be done when I need to add new books to the webshop at Bokb√∂rsen ; you add the books to the shop inventory by filling out a form containing title, author, international book code number (isbn) and other information.   Of course the new books will show up in the shop as well.   See you tomorrow 10:00 - 15:00!