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Freak of Stature

I've modded an old Ernemann bellows camera made for an obsolete film format. It can now make 10,5 x 6,5cm panorama images on standard middle format 120-film. All geared up and ready to go! It began with the purchase of a roll film back for my camera, which is of the obsolete but common large format standard which exposes on 9x12 cm film sheets, glass plates or - lucky me - the odd roll film. Here you can see the modded original wooden take-up spool and the modded inserts for the feeding spool. What I first did was trying to lessen the width of the take-up spool. Otherwise the 120 film would not wind up in the middle but go from side to side and the images would all have leaning horizons. Loading the film. It goes from where the arrows are to the wooden take-up spool. The whole spool/winding insert also acts as a pressure plate. I then found a way to make inserts which would hold the film feeding spool in position. Some rather stiff packing foam "drille