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Permanent Resistance - A Visit to Olle Olsson Hagalund Museum

I am a huge fan of the painter Olle Olsson Hagalund's work. And I am researching the disturbing history of Hagalund - a town that was obliterated by developers and politicians in the 1960s. All that remains of the town is five buildings. Outside of Hagalund area - approaching. An old building in another part of Stockholm. One of the few remaining original homes. The modern development is visible to the right. Today the council has a somewhat softer view of People's culture and activities, so they support the museum and other gathering places. Olle's father built the house. His father was a builder so was confident to add a tower to the house. The window of the artist's studio. Inside the artist's studio, where he painted for 40 years. Check out my IG , Etsy shop , Fb group .
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