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35 mm Lens Mod

Read about my Halina lens mod at 35mmc!


A Lomo Smena 8 camera with a faulty shutter. An Olympus Pen F camera. Part of a microscope adapter for the Pen. That's what I started out with. 45 minutes later I had a new lens! Mount The mount came off a microscope adapter. I got the adapter from my first (of two) attempts to buy an Olympus Pen F. There seem to be some unscrupolous ebay sellers around peddling useless Pens with microscope adapted prisms. Luckily - in hindsight - I got a microscope adapter with this first Pen. Which I now trashed when a Lomo Smena 8 without a future landed on my doorstep (figuratively speaking). Conversion / Havoc Smena I only knew the camera as a half-frame camera [Correction - it's a full frame camera!] called Smena 8 and hadn't thought to place it in Lomography-land until I read the name Lomo on the lens when it was already modded. Unwittingly I had tread the tiles of lomo-dom twice in as many weeks, also having put two rolls through a Praktica CX-1 which appears to be Gr

Petri in Colores

These pictures are from a roll taken with the lovely Petri Color 35. Also, it is the first roll of colour film that I've developed at home! A Fujicolor 200 ASA. The vegetable pictures are non-tweaked straight-from-scanner. Not at their best.   The following are treated for dust and light. Sorry about the mostly uninspiring subjects in this post. There is no excuse to that. Make much more inspiring pictures with a camera from my Etsy shop!

Mighty Maier

A stroke of luck finds me in possession of the same model of camera that Vivian Maier used for many years. It is a humbling situation and one I didn't expect to occur. The camera will be serviced by a brand repairman in Stockholm and be up for sale in my shop by Autumn. Pictured is the camera next to my cherished Fed 2. The Leica II is smaller than the Fed and much lighter. They function in very similar fashion - well, that's since the Fed is a development of a copy of the other camera. Another camera that will be up for sale in the Autumn is the Leica M5, after servicing, pictured below. If you like rangefinder cameras but have a lesser budget there are lots of options in my shop at Etsy . Also exchangeable lens rangefinders are available.