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We are closed for holidays

We open again on August 8th!   Meanwhile, enjoy an example of beautiful book-design. 'The Earth knows my name' contains wisdom from Native Americans concerning planting and growing food.   Also, enjoy this picture of the tomato plants we keep in the storefront window. I love the smell which is released when you touch the leaves of the tomato plant.   Finally, behold an example of what you can make from a rejected pocket book and some paint.   See you soon!

Thirst day

A very hot day today.   Today's picture depicts Joseph Heller's 'Something happened'. The author also wrote the classic 'Catch 22'.

Working diagnosis

Today's book is a rather gloomy story about an everyman stuck in between the not very accurate diagnosis of his own condition and the condition of Western society.

Square gull

Here is a seagull on the lookout for chow on S:t Knuts square, just outside the shop. There are three caf├ęs/brasseries facing our square, and a bar/restaurant, along with the antique-shop and florist. And more.