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Covid Embrace - A Photograph to Be

I have a new favourite photograph. Though I have not seen it yet. Previsualization is what photography is about. We lift the camera to our eye, compose, and snap. That's what I did the other day. My partner and her mother gave eachother a long overdue hug (thank you Covid-19 - not). To be safe they had the seat cushions from the garden furniture shielding their faces. This scene was both beautiful and extremely sad, for reasons you are all aware of. I snapped a photo of their embracing. Now it's my favourite photo even though it still sits in my camera, and is yet to be developed. The photo is now both pre- and post-visualized, I suppose, existing as a picture only in my mind's eye. Until I develop it and it enters the stage of being 'just' a photograph.

Tiny Traces - Hanimex VEF And Caffenol

This post is an addition to a recent post of mine at 35mmc. Here are the more or less straight scans from my Hanimex VEF exposed and caffenol developed Kodacolor II 110 format Instamatic film. All to show you the complications of exposing and editing expired 100 ASA film in a camera with little leeway in terms of aperture and shutter choices. If you have experience or advice on editing difficult negs like these, please share in the comment section or email me. Thanks for exploring with me! Don't hesitate to comment or check out my Instagram at ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy shop getOBphoto where you can find my vintage cameras and nice photography equipment.

In The Reds - More Redscale Photos

I recently found myself exposing three different redscale films almost in parallell. You can read a thorough account in my post at 35mmc. Below are more photos from the same rolls. It begins with Lomography Redscale 50-200 exposed with an Olympus Pen D2 . It's peas! I continued the roll of Lomography film in my Canon EF with my dad's old 50 mm f/1,8 FL lens. Kodak ColorPlus 200 ASA Olympus Pen F with a Lomo T-43 lens adapted from a Smena viewfinder camera. Den lille havfrue! Cinestill 800T exposed with the Halina 35X. This one I actually think I managed to overexpose, both in the light greens ant the whites. It seems that redscale film can take a beating. An addition: Here are some more redscale photos, from a roll of Lomography Redscale 50-200, cementing my thesis that the less light, the more red. They were not at all overexposed. These 6x9 cm negatives were exposed through a Lumière box camera using its only aperture at f/8 or f/11 (is my guess) and 1/100th of a second exp