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Yellow Tinted and Squared - Bilora Bella 44 with Rollei Dia-Positive Film

  This is what came out of an outing to see what my recently aquired Bilora Bella 44 was capable. I also tried a new (to me) film. The Bella is a 127 format camera which produces twelve 4x4 cm exposures on the 127 film. The film I tried is called Rollei Crossbird Creative, ISO/ASA 200. Under that name it is a film to be cross-processed - i e developed in colour negative chemicals even though it is a (dia) positive film. I gather that this use of the film makes the colours go all "creative". I decided to expose it as a positive film, though - mainly since I hadn't intentionally exposed any positive film before. Seeing the scans I can gather that the original film is a dia-positive film for tungsten light, since there is a strong yellow hue to the photographs even though they were exposed in strong (afternoon) sunlight. I am very happy with the way the photographs turned out and can conclude that this trial run of the Bilora Bella 44 has me wanting t

Pulling the Plug - My Adventures in Packfilm Part 1

Here's a story about a bargain find (two actually) which came just in time to take me on one sentimental journey and one crazy idea which eventually may come to a sort of fruition. Above you can see me holding the polaroid photograph which I subsequently gave to my daughter's maternal grandparents on a sunny May-day recently. It was taken on the first meet-up since February's Covid-19 meeting restrictions. We kept our distances but I could give them this important memory of their finally meeting their granddaughter after such a long and gruelling time. This is a crop of the above mobile-photo, so not as sharp as the original. You can see the special character of the lens though, the circular swirling around her head and the short depth of field even at (the only) f/8,8 aperture. This is taken at 1,5 meters - closest focusing distance is 1,1 meters. Polaroid peel-apart pack-film Fujifilm FP-100C The above photo shows the first peel-apart polaroid photograph

Hi-Matic C - Singing for an Unsung Minolta

Straight from scans! [update coming soon]