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Packing Vito - More AGFA ASP 400S

Here are more photos from the Voigtländer Vito folder that I write about at Emulsive . Not necessarily better photos, since the shutter is packing in on the poor thing, acting all random. Forgive me for most aspects of the photos. The main keeper for me is the format - exposing on most of the width of the unsprocketed 35 mm film. I will try to keep the camera alive, somehow. Check out my Instagram at ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy photography shop getOBphoto .

Red Dawn Summer - Elioflex with Lomography Redscale Film

These are redscale photos from this time last year. I used a Ferrania Elioflex 2 to expose a roll of Lomography Redscale ASA 50-200 film. I believe I exposed it at 50 ASA. I used a shawl to get the effect above. I was hoping that it would be more see-through but the weave seems too dense to get any focus through it. Check out my Instagram at #ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy shop getOurBooks where you can find vintage cameras and a mix of photography equipment.

Making the Most of the Mist - Yashica 44 with Ektachrome 64 developed in Caffenol

One misty morning on my way to work I managed to capture some scenes with my Yashica 44. The film is an expired Kodak Ektachrome 64 slide film which I've developed in Caffenol, like I did once before . (If you're interested in the technical aspect of the developing read to the end of that link.) The below photos are from a later date. Same film, different roll. Thanks for exploring with me! Don't hesitate to comment or check out my Instagram at #ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy shop getOurBooks where you can find my vintage cameras and nice photography equipment. I want to remind that if you feel inclined to contribute to this blog with material in the same vein, don't hesitate to contact me.

Panning Out Well - Exposing a Roll of Expired Agfa Isopan ISS in 127-Format

I recently had the opportunity to expose a roll of Agfa Isopan ISS which expired in 1974. The Isopan ISS is a 100 ASA film, and in this instance was rolled onto a spool intended for 127-format cameras. The exposures of 127 film are 4 cm wide. I used my Yashica 44 to make 4x4 cm size photographs. I gave the film two stops extra light, since it is so old, hence measured for 25 ASA. As always, using the Yashica 44, the experience was very satisfying. Now, seeing the photos, I am truly humbled by this old film. I did not have to do any major editing to get these wonderful exposures out of the negatives, using my Canon 9000F Mark II scanner. I only added some contrast. Welcome to my Instagram ourbooksmalmo and my Etsy shop gOBphoto, which is filled with old cameras and their accessories.