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Back to Pack - My Adventures in Packfilm Part 3

This is not a proper scan. For Christmas I was given two packs of b&w packfilm.  Since winter has been extremely dull photography-wise I have not given it much thought until the recent days. The last week has been a hiatus from our normal work weeks since it's been the winter holiday for our daughter who goes to first grade. I set up some of her toys for a photo session when she was away at her grandmother's place.  What's ignited my interest in photography again is a little project to do with my Polaroid 230 camera. To be able to expose the packfilm on my own terms I decided to add an exciting lens and a shutter. First I removed the shutter mechanism and the original lens - all housed in the lens housing/board/compartment on the front of the camera. Secondly I tested out the placement of the lens. It is a really old Dallmeyer Popular 4' (~100 mm) f/4,5 Anastigmat Enlarger Lens that I got for 14 Euros. Lucky me - the focusing seemed spot on when I placed the lens in