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Three Hundred Pen

    I have an M42 adapter for my Olympus Pen F half-frame SLR. These are some pictures I made with an old Praktica 200 mm tele lens. 200 turns into 300 mm equivalent since it's half frame so you get super tele! Visit my Etsy shop for tele-lenses and M42 mount cameras!

Every Grain of Silver

The Halina 35X camera is not a revered camera anywhere. But it produces great pictures notwithstanding. I am quite the fan of retro look in my photography. So a fast film, a second-rate camera and a not-so-fancy scanner (and a not so skilled editor) produced these photographs of which I am very satisfied actually. I'll make a post about photographing with "bad" cameras in the near future! Check out great second-rate cameras in my Etsy shop !

Tipping the Golf Scale

Here are a few photos taken with the Adox Golf IIA with Lomography's redscale film at 50 ASA. I did some editing to compensate for the overly red (!) scans.  

Level Grain

I got myself a Miranda camera, because I wanted a 135-film camera with a waist-level finder which also could fit my M42 mount lenses. Using a small finder like this is a challenge - particularly finding focus. But it's a joy to use this kit nevertheless. The pictures are not taken with the pictured 30 mm lens but with my much cherished Helios 44 1:2/58 mm. The film is like always Fomapan.   Visit my Etsy shop for Soviet lenses!

Boxed Pics

These images were made with a Box Tengor. That's a really old 120 film camera. The negative it produces is 6x9 mm, so you get someting like six pictures per roll. This is a double exposure. And this is a multiple exposure (~20) portrait of a pine tree, from just below. Please excuse the crappy editing, these are preliminary scans. Visit my Etsy shop !

What Expires Transpires

I took an entire roll of expired film with my Chinonflex camera and Helios 58 mm (first three pictures) and Lydith 30 mm lens. The colours were overly tinted blue. That's what experimenting with expired film gives you - surprises that turn into treats! I don't know what happened here. But it turned out great! Please excuse the crappy editing. Visit my Etsy shop for exciting lenses and some expired film!