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Angling Wider

I'm treading the ground of wide-angle photography at the moment. It's an exciting time. Soon enough there will be a post about it.

Dusk Etc.

I recently picked up an Olympus XA again, after a hiatus of two years or so. And during a week of using it and seing the first roll of my Olympus 35 RC developed, I realized that I feel priviliged to use the two best compact rangefinder cameras, hands down. These first pictures were the first taken with new XA. They were all taken in Gothenburg on a grey October day. The camera has a 35 mm wide lens which I am very accustomed to use, since I had my old XA always with me for almost ten years. The wide angle invites the surrounding context into the picture narrative. A 50 mm lens would cover a more narrow field, allowing a more concentrated picture. The Olympus RC that I've only begun to use has been a wonderful aquaintance. I like the focusing very much - it having a very short throw much like the XA. The best pictures from the first roll were also taken in very cloudy weather - even dusk. The Olympus 35 RC camera has a 42 mm lens, whic