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Stare Crazy - a Budget Wide-Angle Lens Solution for my Olympus Pen F

I fitted a wide-angle screw-on lens for a Konica 8 Zoom super-8 camera on my Steinheil Cassarit 45 mm and my Voigtlander Color-Lanthar 42 mm. I got WIDE on my half-frame camera!   It wasn't pretty, but it did the job for sure! I've been racking my brains for years trying to come up with a low budget wide-angle solution for the Pen F, which is the SLR I use the most. I got more than I could wish for because of all the character the lens contributes to photos! The film is a Fuji Ultramax 400 which I haven't colour corrected in any way. I increased contrast. The rest is the work of the scanning program. I didn't find the Ghostbusters' garage. It's my brother's! Visit my  Etsy shop  for cameras and related stuff,  the  facebook group  on modding lenses and cameras or my Instagram accounts ourbooksmalmo or flashknappen .

My Two Camera Month Project - September 2021: Lomography Lomochrome Metropolis 100-400, Lomo Smena 8M & Minolta Minoltina S

Each month for a year I will use one pair of cameras, then next month switch to another pair. They are all fixed-lens compact cameras. I will use the same film stock in both cameras. Each month I will share my impressions from using the cameras, while showing the photographs I make. Part #5: September 2021 Film type: Lomochrome Metropolis 100-400 ASA exposed at 100-200 ASA. The first camera is the Minolta Minoltina-S I wrote about this camera elsewhere . It is a luxurious feeling camera, with great specs: a Rokkor f/1,8 40 mm lens; selenium fuelled light meter (which still gives good readings); full manual control; a small form factor; and a compact design. It appears to be top-of-the-line quality. And it is the smallest of the non- or semi auto-exposure Minoltas of the era. The focus throw is commendably short - much more so than compared to the Smena T-43 lens. The viewfinder is big, and has a lot of space around the framelines, making it easy to compose with an eye to what hap