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Pushing the Light

Here are some pictures from my first roll taken with the Industar 50-2 lens that I mentioned briefly at the end of this post . The light is nice, but the focus could be better. Maybe that's me. I overexposed the film by at least two steps and then asked the lab to push the film one step also. I've come to realize from reading blogs about film photography (not digital) that overexposing and pushing film - especially colour film - gives better detail in shadows as well as a wider range of colour renderings.    That's me above with a nose tip in focus. I've had a roll of b&w developed. The pictures were taken with my now defunct Canon FX in an 'artist's colony' in the spring. I tried to overexpose at least one stop, and then had it pushed two steps in development.

Blisters and Beans

My stuff spilling out on the floor, after coming home from an exhausting 24 hour Stockholm Fotomaraton. As I wrote in the last post , I've spent the week-end in Stockholm. The competition, which ran from 12 o'clock noon on Saturday to 12 noon Sunday, comprises of six four-hour sections. At the start of each you need to pick up the next four subjects. It is more like a relay competition with you as the only 'runner'. At 10:06 AM I left my quarters to go to the gathering place in a park in the Kungsholmen area. My estimation is that almost 300 people participated, with something like a 50/50 male/female quota. Getting the first four assignments! These are all 24 subjects. Spending som much time in this beautiful city couldn't have me all the time concentrated on the subjects. So what follows is a bunch of "Impressions from the Capital". I'm of course not allowed to post any of my competing pictures. None of the pictur