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No Stutter Shutter - In Praise of Chinon SLRs

Cha-klack! There's nothing stealthy about the camera. This is an SLR and that's it. And no frills. If you want to use a mechanical SLR and don't care to pay extra for the name on the camera, Chinon is a viable choice for you. These cameras go for small amounts in flea markets or on the auction sites. And you get cameras equally competent to the task as with any one from the large brands. This is not aimed to be a thorough review. This post is made on the basis of my experience of using these cameras and the information about them that I've picked up. The one above is a mid-60's camera. It's Chinon's first SLR. As you can tell the body is big, and I can tell you it's sturdy. And I love it as a user since a heavy camera makes you hold it more steady, which grants for sharper exposures.   Compared to a contemporary Nikon F or Petri Flex/Penta the body is bigger. I would argue that the closest comparison in size is Canon FT.   The lens mount is th

Vinterspår / Winter Tracks - a Local Open Studio Weekend

The first weekend in February public open studios and exhibitions are arranged in our home town Lindesberg. Many people take the opportunity to show and discuss the art and activities that are otherwise being made behind closed doors. I exhibited black & white photographs in the passage leading to our yard, along with the analog cameras I used to make the exposures. I also made some portraits using a Model 1A Kodak Folding camera - in my estimate one century old. It's originally made to use the obsolete 116 type film but I used today's standard medium format 120 film, with inserts to keep the film spool in position. The portraits below were made with the old camera and modern daylight in cooperation. As you can see the bellows weren't light tight. The light streaks is the result of something like 15-30 minutes of leakage per photo, where the film was wound in position and later exposed with the portrait. This post's completion was delayed almo