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with a Soviet Kit in the North - Chaika 2M, Industar-22, North Star

  I brought my Chaika 2M while on a trip to the city of Ă–stersund in the Northern (half) part of Sweden. I exposed on Fomapan 400 rated at 1600 ASA. The lens is a 50 mm Industar-22 A few times the shutter decided to lag, giving me these star-shaped (aperture-shaped actually) photos. I hope that the stickiness won't last. The above photo was cropped quite a bit to make it more focused on the centre. I suspect that the rounded corners are a result of the lens barrel size. With the Chaika I am used to getting rounded corners, but not of this magnitude. I am not so surprised - the lens is not made for this type of camera, so I would expect varying results anyway. Visit my  Etsy shop  for cameras and related stuff,  the  facebook group  on modding lenses and cameras or my Instagram account  ourbooksmalmo .

Colour me Bland - How I Use Colour in Photography: Redscale and Whatnot

I used to be a keen colour photographer. It was in the pre- and early digital age when developing (and copies!) was unexpensive. For many years I frequented the chosen labs on a weekly basis, handing in my single-use cameras, while being told to pick up the photos in a day or two. Things changed. There came a day when I made a calculation. I would ditch colour film altogether, and instead get me a digital camera for the family photos. My private photography was too expensive for film. Jump ahead five years: Nowadays I am very choosy when exposing colour film. It would have to be for a specific purpose like a vacation or a very urgent experiment. For economical - and artistic - reasons I am now a b&w photographer. Here I will talk about my colour photography. Using colour Kodak Ultramax 400 as redscale I am a black & white photographer. That is a fact that hits me those few times that I make exposures on colour film, or in my digital camera (which is set to colour mode). Photogr

My Two Camera Month Project - August 2021: Washi A, Taron Auto EE & Adox Golf IIA

Each month for a year I will use one pair of cameras, then next month switch to another pair. They are all fixed-lens compact cameras. I will use the same film stock in both cameras. Each month I will share my impressions from using the cameras, while showing the photographs I make. Part #4: August 2021 Film type: Washi A 12 ASA  The first camera is the Taron Auto EE This is my first time using this camera. I have owned it for under a year now, having it sit in my cabinet since bidding it home for a pittance. It did catch my attention, with that protruding box-thing. The Eye! The EE in the name must be the 'electric eye' - i.e. the light meter. In the old days that was certainly not a given in consumer level cameras. Neither was a f/1,8 lens! Like many times before I was amazed by the fact that I could acquire a camera with that great lens specifics for such a low cost. It is certainly a low-light lens. I have f/1,8 lenses for my Canon cameras and my Nikon mount, and the