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35 mm Muse

Read my guest musing on photography on the 35mmc blog . I am very happy to participate to this inspiring blog.

Go Then Burg, Er

I went for a walk around central Gothenburg the other week...

People Place #2

People Place

The other week I visited a local market. These are some glimpses.

Stopped Down Race

I've been enjoying myself with taking pictures at two amateur (running) races these past couple of days. The films are off to be developed, so some results will appear here within a week's time or so.   A new camera was used for the first time. I'm really excited to see the resulting pictures.  ---  Below is a picture of the two cameras I am servicing at the moment - to be shipped off to happy customers from my Etsy shop . They both are Olympus cameras. Below is another Olympus. I've not yet decided if it is mine or should be put up for sale at the shop. I am very fond of the placement of the shutter time dial on the top. I am expecting the delivery of the negatives from last week's two excursions any day now. Very exciting!   Another delivery to look forward to is my SLR returning from repair at a camera workshop in Tampere, Finland.

Slung Demi Modding

My (~) 70 mm lens Canon Demi hasn't got a strap hold, and without the original half case, I can't sling it across my shoulder. So I have to manufacture one. An old Yashica half case was adapted to fit with the Demi's screw fit. It needs to be slung across the shoulder for easy use.

Jupiter Wide

Today was another street photo day. Four hours in Gothenburg. 15 400 steps according to my smartphone... This darling was used extensively today. The lens is a 35 mm Soviet era Jupiter 12 . This camera works side by side with a Soviet Fed 2 with a Canon 50 mm lens. The only colour photo today. Swedish grand poet Karin Boye by the Grand Library in Gothenburg.

Street Scan

My street kit, suddenly. I used them the first time today, taking pictures at a market in a nearby town. They were great! --- Below are some initial scans of older pictures which are of interest to me. Which of these three is the better one?

Used Pictures

Below are some photos from my days as a single-use camera photographer. The scans are bad (since they are photos of prints). Stockholm, Sweden Höör, Sweden Stockamöllan, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Visby, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Varberg, Sweden Norberg, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Lund, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stora Karlsö, Sweden Glasgow, UK Höör, Sweden Visby, Sweden Varberg, Sweden San Juan Les Pins, France Karlskrona, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Göteborg, Sweden Malmö, Sweden Hallands Väderö, Sweden Malmö, Sweden

getOurBooks Recap #4

Some time ago I reached out to former customers of mine who'd bought cameras from my webshop getOurBooks at Etsy . I've - since starting to sell the cameras two years ago - wanted to know what happens to them. Through the "getOurBooks Recap" some of the cameras get a story. A lot of the submissions are awarded with really exciting token gifts. It is not too late to contribute! Here is the third contribution: --- Jared Silbert, a 32-year-old designer living in San Francisco, USA. Image Copyright © Jared Silbert This photo was taken in the sculpture garden at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. This is an exterior view of James Turrell's Three Gems, one of my favorite places in the city. You follow a plant-lined path down into the sculpture and enter a labyrinth-like path to the center of the underground chamber. Once inside, you can enjoy the circular skylight in the cement echo chamber. I shot this photo on the O