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Our Literary Moment #1

View from Caliban's Coffee (next to Prospero's Books) in Tbilisi, Georgia, in April 2011. Literature: Steidl imprint catalogue 2003 - 2010

the Saturday Concert

This is what it looks like when you stuff a band and 14 people into a little bookshop. You should have heard the sound as well! Thank you Naked Orchestra for your great music!   Listen to some of the music at our facebook page here .     

Posted bill

Naked Orchestra

On Saturday September 22nd, the shop will be invaded by Naked Orchestra! Come and enjoy fired up folky drunken tunes at 2:00 pm. Even if it's raining like on this picture from last week, it will be crowded in here!   Drinks and sweets will be served from 12:00 pm. Listen at their facebook-page .

Lack of snoops

We don't carry many detective novels in the bookshop, but this one's an exception. Mainly because of my current fascination with Italy and Venice.

A book of life

Summer is great, but come fall and orange skies at sunset, warm afternoons before sneaking under a blanket with a good book!