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Olympus Racing - Chasing Light with the RC

These are some photographs made with the Olympus 35 RC. It's a compact rangefinder camera which is very easily handled. Everytime I use it I am overjoyed. And when I develop the photos I am always struck by how good they turn out. These are photos from two winters ago. Thank you for reading my blog! Check our my Instagram at #ourbooksmalmo and my Etsy shop getOurBooks where you can find plenty of analog camera equipment!

B&W Streets - Trying a Modded Steinheil for Pen F

Some time ago I modded a lens from a Paxette camera to be used on my Olympus Pen F. It's a Steinheil Cassarit 45 mm lens with a maximum aperture of f/2,8. I took a stroll around the nearest big city Örebro. Since the Pen F is a half-frame camera the lens produces photographs equal in crop to a 67 mm on a full frame camera. Here are some results. I am very pleased with how the lens handles. It's not flimsy at all and has click-stops at the aperture settings. It was Vespa Day or Scooter Day so I happened upon the local Vespa tinkerers and was invited to in future visit one guy's workshop to photograph. Thank you for reading my blog! Check our my Instagram at #ourbooksmalmo and my Etsy shop getOurBooks where you can find no books but cameras aplenty!

Ratioed R - Medium Format Panoramas

I am not sure that these count as panorama photographs. Well they are in the 2:1 ratio. The neg is 6x3 cm. (I describe how I modded the camera here .) The negatives were developed in caffenol. Film Fomapan 400Action. The camera is a Seagull TLR which I bought in 1994. I exposed something like 10 rolls in the first 20 years. This year I exposed 10 rolls. The above photograph is here primarily because you see the swirly bokeh in the out-of-focus areas. The lens isn't top class but I am very pleased with it. Thanks for reading this post! Don't hesitate to comment or check out my Instagram at #ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy shop getOurBooks where there are cameras and photography equipment aplenty to choose from.

Halinar Halos - Crap Lens Lends Charm

I modded the Halinar Anastigmat lens for use on M39 mount (read here ). The lens is super bad in several ways. 1. It focuses from 0,5 meters to 1,7 meters. 2. There is only an open aperture at f/2,8 3. There is only focus within a circle in the middle. More bad things: 4. The out of focus bits are wild. It's as if the lens glass is full of bubbles (which it is not). 5. There is very swirly bokeh. See below. All these bad things are good things! They add character to the photographs. One of my favourite photos was made with a lens mounted on a cheap speed booster. There was circling/swirly bokeh in the out of focus background though I used a first class (standard) Nikon lens. That was due to the cheap 'booster' lens. But the photo has great character due in part to the 'circling' shapes. More Halinar photos: The first snow on the windscreen. A child who loves Halloween but not the scary bits. A craftsman making sheep skin slippers. The new winter coat. Thanks

In the Shadow of the Season - on Photography in Winter

I live in a cold dark place. No, not really. But the summer season (spring, summer, autumn) is markedly different to the winter. Once the temperature drops below 8-10°C being outdoors is a pain. The time of the year between mid-october and late april means getting outdoors is a project - dressing for it if you're going to spend some time outside is a hassle. And you will suffer if you mess up. Being a photographer who makes photographs in the winter time takes some dedication. You can see what kind of photographer I am by leafing through my negatives: One or two rolls exposed between October and March. Add another twenty for the summer months. A few years ago we went the farthest north I've ever been in the world: Jokkmokk. In the middle of Sami territory. It was late January and the temperature dropped to -20°C at times. I figured that the cold would suck out the power from my digital camera in notime. What to use, then? The most analog and cogs-and-levers-camera I had was t

Four, Five, Crap - or Using Underperformer Cameras Pt. Two (Adox, Meisupii, Halina)

No. 4: Adox Golf IIA. That release. It's a plain stupid design! This camera has all that I need. A good set of apertures, some exposure times, with B mode. Scale focusing. Okay, the shutter is stupid. I've added a big pin so I don't cause camera shake. Because with that big release you'll get it. When you press the shutter you can hear three little clicks in close succession. I love it. All the secrets of producing a photograph in one press. Below are photographs I made with Lomography's redscale film. I exposed it at 50 ASA. Look at those greens! I think that they are the strongest selling point of the redscale film for me. The Adox lens is really good unless you poke it directly into the sun or bright reflective surfaces. No. 5: Meisupii Half It reminds me of a tin of sardines. This one's all aluminium. There's no focusing, just depth of field-control when choosing the aperture at f/8-16. It is a half-frame camera, riding on the wave of the Olympus