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The New Normal - Stockholm Covid Fotomaraton 2020

1: Scandinavian / Skandinavisk These are my 12 photos I made interpreting the themes of this year's covid version of the Photo Marathon in Stockholm in late August.   They are not particularly exciting as photographs, though I did try to make them interesting as such. I am critical of the jurys of the recent Marathons, the way they have not considered the artfulness of the Photography but mostly considered the literal way the themes are interpreted. 2: The good city / Den goda staden 3: 2020 4: Tourist trap / Turistfälla 5: Photo party / Fotofest 6: Simplicity / Enkelhet 7: The foot / Foten 8: New normal / Nytt normalt 9: The city of my dreams / Mina drömmars stad 10: Look / Titta 11: Sustainability / Hållbarhet 12: My participant number / Mitt deltagarnummer (129) I made some - perhaps more inspired - photographs with another camera during the Marathon. Follow this link to see them.   Don't hesitate to comment here or at my Instagram . Visit the photography shop getOBphoto t