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Curved tie

Dilbert is my favourite daily comic, nowadays. There's nothing as weirdly funny as office humour. If you're into it as well, come to the shop and look at more Dilbert and funny office related literature.

Water colour cover

My attempt at the beautiful cover of 'Tom Bedlam'.

Great clothing

This is a great sight for a book-lover. A book bound in beautiful orange cloth. Alright, it's in French, but beauty has no borders!

Soviet star

Pictured is Michail Uljanov, who was a Soviet moviestar. The drawing is made from one of the picture postcards that we sell - vintage postcards from the Soviet Union! (They were purchased in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the spring of 2011.)   If you're into film and cinema, for instance we have some books about actors and directors, as well as on how to write scripts for film.

Blue sky books

Wild flowers and concrete slabs! That's part of big city life. Our Books is the bookshop with the ambition to offer great litterature along with inspirational and practical books on (city) gardening and do-it-yourself projects, as well as art and handicraft.