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Joining a Different Pack - My [Large Format] Adventures in Packfilm Part 5

I may have found the photographic process which is the exact opposite of instant film in the Polaroid vein.  The fact that I use a Polaroid Land Automatic camera for this project is certainly an ironic detail. I named the camera Dallroid since the lens mounted on the Polaroid Land Automatic 230 is a Dallroid 4' lens. It was made for an enlarger but works perfectly the other way around. It certainly adds a vintage look to both the camera and the photographs I make with it. The lens has an aperture range of f/4,5 to f/ 32. As you can read in the last post on this subject I added a manual shutter to complete the 100% control of operations that I want from this camera.   My sourdough bread! My film of choice for the Dallroid actually isn't film. It's photo paper. I have tons of expired 7x11 cm size photo paper which I've rated at ASA 0,007 - that is seven steps below ASA 1. We're counting minutes of exposure even in daylight. So, the process is producing paper negatives

Blue Sunprints - Our First Cyanotypes

    I gave my daughter and myself a beginner's pack of cyanotype cards for Christmas. Yesterday was a good sunny day to try it out.  I went for foodstuffs and she went for beads. And we both went for the decomposed leaf with its exposed grid, below.   All you have to do is (buy them, then) expose them for something like 20 minutes in the sunlight. Then rinse for a few minutes, and let dry. Beautiful! Check out my Instagram at ourbooksmalmo . Visit my Etsy shop  getOurBooks .

Off the Beaten Pack - My Adventures in Packfilm Part 4

This is actually where I depart from my Packfilm adventures the second time. ( This is the first.) The process of converting a packfilm camera to take another format, which started with my attempt at making an adapter that transports medium format film to the film plane of the Land 103/210 camera, has now arrived at the 9x12 cm film format. The above photograph was made with the process of exposing a photo paper in a sheet film holder (actually a glass plate holder). The - albeit small - film holder is too large to fit inside the Polaroid packfilm camera model(s) at hand. Thus I am not able to place it at the film plane - that is, where the lens projects the image in Focus. I had to come up with a solution to move the film plane. That means: Move the lens closer to the camera than what is intended by the manufacturer. Lucky for me the camera is collapsible, it folds into itself to make it portable. My idea was simply to move the film plane back, using an empty packfilm cassette as a s

Fix, Set, Develop - 6x9 Format on Lomography Redscale Film

A broken camera is still a camera! That's what I figured when I modded this old Kodak folding camera. I removed the lens and faulty shutter from the lens mount. Instead I mounted an old Meopta enlarger lens. Since there is no shutter left I put together a lens hood to use as a manual shutter for the long exposures this kit is so well suited for. It was great fun to try out a medium format close focus camera. The resolution and sharpness is fantastic! Stay tuned for more in the same vein! Check out my IG and my Etsy shop!

Criss Cross Canon - Fuji Provia Wrongfully Souped and a Prima Compact

Last year in late winter I exposed a slightly expired roll of Fuji Provia 400F with my Canon Prima through its a 32 mm lens. I recently sent it for development, and decided to treat it as a colour negative film despite the fact that it's a positive film (= cross processing). I think it was a great decision!   Check out my IG and my Etsy shop!