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Half-Frame Pen

Read my Olympus Pen F review at Half Frame Club ! AND the Canon Demi C text !

Digi Bewe Oh

I really like the look of the b&w pictures that I get out of the Samsung NV7 digital camera. I only use it for black & white photography since the colour pictures are very bleak. At least when compared to the ones that I get with my Fujifilm cameras. And the grains really evoke the impression of black & white film. A friend of mine documents solitary bees making homes behind this plexi glass screen. No digital tweaking was made apart from the flying bee picture. These pictures are straight out of the camera.

Wider Angling - Lomography Purple, etc: Nikon, Mir and Industar Lenses

At long last, I will do some public pondering on wide angle photography. In the last year or so I've become rather content with using 50 mm plus lenses. Several of my regularly used cameras come with those or longer focal lengths. The compact fixed lens ones sport 45 or 50 mm lenses. The digital or half-frame ones I most prefer are equal to 60 or 75 mm, with the one odd exception of the (28 mm) 42 mm Industar 69.   My first example(s) are from a roll of purple tinted Lomography film but they are here primarily because they were exposed through a 30 mm lens.   Oh, let's first set the foundation for the discourse of "wide angle" lenses. For this post I will include lenses 38 mm and wider as wide angle. As a contrast to the "standard" focal length of 50 mm (what the eye sees). And I'll include the common focal lengths 45 and 42 mm lenses in the "standard" category.   Back to the 30 mm lens. It is quite a rare focal length, as far as I know. T

Least not Lasting - Goodbye to a Canon Demi C Lens

I took some pictures with my modded Canon Demi C 28 mm lens (on my Fujifilm XE-1 camera). That'll be the last ones since I'm selling the camera with its two lenses through Etsy or Tradera soon.