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Meant to Be Weird - Super 8 Wide Angle with Olympus Pen F and XE-1

I came across a Konica Zoom 8 mm camera. There was an accessory wide-angle lens attached to it. After screwing it off I held it in front of the adapted Steinheil Cassar S 50 mm lens mounted on my Olympus Pen F. Lo and behold! A wide angle lens for my half-frame favourite! I've never come wider than 53 mm (equivalent) before.  The wide-angle lens isn't close enough to the 50 to allow for infinity focus. It stops at somewhere around four meters, but with zone focusing that's negotiable. In my guesstimation I figured that the lens steals two stops of light, so I added that when exposing. After seeing the scans I will add only one stop. Here's a bit from my wide-angle bonanza that followed, exposed on Washi film (12 ASA): Unintentional double-exposure, like the topmost photo in the post. As you can see focus can be achieved in the middle-most of the frame. Outside that area things go swiftly downhill... Depending on aperture I can somewhat control the size of areas in focus