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Mimy Time

Here is an Eggleston moment. Captured by my Yashica Mimy half-frame camera. Followed by Impressions by the sea with the same camera. And a Swedish Evening with Astrid Lindgren and the Mimy. These are initial scans of the first roll I took with this half-frame camera. It is very small, has a fixed focus and a selenium powered exposure mechanism. I will buy a low ISO-film to get more focus in the future - ISO 400 becomes too grainy.

Black and White and Blue

I just want to share two pictures from a recent film I've scanned. I used a blue filter for the first time, and I think the results are really great. I will get back to this experience soon enough.

Marathon Amassed

On the 19th to the 20th of August this year I competed in photography, in the 2017 Stockholm Fotomaraton/Photo Marathon. The jury has now finished its session. On October 1st the winners of the first two categories will be revealed. Here are my 24 competing photographs. The themes. Kunglig/Royal Balansakt/Balancing act Stockholm Hipster Asfaltsblomma/Dandelion child Vykort/Postcard Punk Fast/Stuck Nödvändigt/Necessary Sommarfilm/Summer movie Löparglädje/The Joy of running Helt slut/Exhausted Sida vid sida/Side by side Redskap/Tool Fake/Falsk Aha! Skönhet/Beauty Tålamod/Patience Rullar/Rolling Öde/Deserted Solsidan/Sunny side Uniform Deltagarnummer/Participant's number I had a great time. If you have the opportunity to participate in a photo marathon, I think you should try it.

Timeless Piece

I will soon write a piece on the 67 year old to the right. It is an Akarette and it is in no way retired. I will never take colour photos with it, since I see it as a time machine, able to transport moments in the now to timelessness. And in my mind that timeless period is in greyscale, not colour.

Half Stuck

If you're lucky enough to own a half-frame Canon Demi C you can make what I made today. My Demi has two lenses - a 50 mm and a 28 mm - of which the 28 mm is never used. So, I thought, why not make use of it on another camera? The mount is unique to the C so no other camera will accept the lens unless you convert it. After testing the distance needed to the sensor on my X-Pro1 rangefinder, with the M39 screw mount adapter on, I came to the conclusion that a converted body cap would be the only choice to mount it. So i cut a hole in it and after a bit of fiddling the lens fit and did focus at infinity. Sugru 'rubber clay' is what I think will do the job of sticking the lens to the "hollowed" cap. I'll get back in a bit with pictures and more thoughts on this project. [Update:] This is the first image with the modified lens on my X-Pro1. It looks really good at 1 meter and infinity also. There are no aperture blades inside the lens, due t

Pack Post

On the Street Photograper site , I am this week featured in "What's in Your Camera Bag Street Hunter?"

Mini Made

I want to share with you some macro pictures. I made a fun macro lens from glass elements of a broken tele-lens and some electrical tape. Held in front of my Industar 69 lens mounted on the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera these are what came out. By the way, I usually expose the camera in Velvia mode, which emulates the original Velvia negative film colours and sensitivity. That is what you mostly see here on the blog when the X-Pro has been involved. And then some pictures taken with my Industar 69 (~42 mm) lens, alone. I love that it darkens the corners in some light conditions, giving the images a kind of 'framing'.