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Threaded Magic - Using M39 Lens on a Modded Half-Frame Camera

I've used a 35 mm Canon lens on my Chaika half-frame camera. These are some of the photographs I made. I modded the camera to take LTM lenses. Thank you for reading my blog! Check out my instagram ourbooksmalmo and my Etsy shop getOurBooks!

Coffee on the Go - or Panoramas on Caffenol

I developed two rolls the other day: One Ilford HP 400 127-format film and one Fomapan 400Action 120-format film. The Fomapan I've had lots of experience developing, also in 35mm. I think it responds well to the stand development (Caffenol Stand - 1hr) process that I use. I then have Ilford chemicals to stop, fix and wash the negatives. I have not used this developing process with Ilford HP film before. (It was kept in a Rera Pan 400 can, pictured.) Only once before did I develop a 127-film and it turned out very well. You can see a couple of photos from that roll (a Rera Pan 100) and read more about cameras using the 127-film format here in an older post.   Your standard film holders for developing tanks have a setting for 127-film as a default. Not so long ago it was actually a standard film format. As you can see the photos from the 120-film are panoramas. I haven't cropped them in editing but added a masking to the film plane with electrical tape to make the c

Capital Offerings - Wide and Tele Exploring

  Some time ago (mid August) I went to Stockholm to photograph.  I had gotten so much input from looking at other people's photos and watching videos by King Jvpes and Eduardo Pavez Goye that I felt a strong urge to practice some of what I'd picked up. Practice makes... 1/ I wouldn't say that the pictures amount to much but at least I got to practice some things I'd been thinking about. First thing was using a wide angle lens. I use the Meyer-Optik Görlitz 30 mm for my SLRs. There is a challenge in composing wide since there are a lot of variables you don't get with say 50 mm lenses. When on my trek around Stockholm City area - which is large due to the fact that it is built around water and on islands - I scouted places where I could stick around for a bit. Some places I circled around a few times, others I stayed put to catch people walking by. That one's tricky. I didn't get anything wortwhile doing that - I think I'll do some digital burst-phot

My Maier Moment - Sporting a Zorkij Rangefinder

I have owned a Zorkij rangefinder camera for a while now, and finally, this past September, I had the opportunity to use it. The camera is a Soviet copy of a Leica model II I think, but is considerably heavier than the original. Vivian Maier used the model II and I understand why, because it is a small and comparably light camera.   This time I used my 50 mm Canon f/1,8 lens. It's a lens with some fogging to an internal glass element. This time there was no bright sun, so the fogging haven't affected the images which it otherwise would have - adding a glow to strongly lit details, for instance.   The film is a Rollei Retro 400S developed by the book by a friendly lab in Gothenburg. There was a market in town and I managed to sneak some photographs before they'd set up shop. Later on I took a walk along the river. Then another early morning. Then came the rain... Thanks for reading this post! Don't h