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Crane your neck

Heavy work on the opposite side of the street.

Print tip

What's outside of the book is also what's inside.

Fall leaving

Here is what I've documented of the fall. Dry leaves skidding stiffly across the pavement in the breeze. A brown and yellow forest seen through a window on a porch, me tucked into warm blankets and sweaters on my chair.

Brontosaurus of Literature

A classic looking as a classic!

His writing self

Today's book is a disturbing tale with many twists along with thought-provoking insights.

Imagine jazz

Today's book is from the Fifties, on Jazz, spotted in a window.

Our Literary Moment #1

View from Caliban's Coffee (next to Prospero's Books) in Tbilisi, Georgia, in April 2011. Literature: Steidl imprint catalogue 2003 - 2010

the Saturday Concert

This is what it looks like when you stuff a band and 14 people into a little bookshop. You should have heard the sound as well! Thank you Naked Orchestra for your great music!   Listen to some of the music at our facebook page here .     

Posted bill

Naked Orchestra

On Saturday September 22nd, the shop will be invaded by Naked Orchestra! Come and enjoy fired up folky drunken tunes at 2:00 pm. Even if it's raining like on this picture from last week, it will be crowded in here!   Drinks and sweets will be served from 12:00 pm. Listen at their facebook-page .

Lack of snoops

We don't carry many detective novels in the bookshop, but this one's an exception. Mainly because of my current fascination with Italy and Venice.

A book of life

Summer is great, but come fall and orange skies at sunset, warm afternoons before sneaking under a blanket with a good book!

Curved tie

Dilbert is my favourite daily comic, nowadays. There's nothing as weirdly funny as office humour. If you're into it as well, come to the shop and look at more Dilbert and funny office related literature.

Water colour cover

My attempt at the beautiful cover of 'Tom Bedlam'.

Great clothing

This is a great sight for a book-lover. A book bound in beautiful orange cloth. Alright, it's in French, but beauty has no borders!

Soviet star

Pictured is Michail Uljanov, who was a Soviet moviestar. The drawing is made from one of the picture postcards that we sell - vintage postcards from the Soviet Union! (They were purchased in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the spring of 2011.)   If you're into film and cinema, for instance we have some books about actors and directors, as well as on how to write scripts for film.

Blue sky books

Wild flowers and concrete slabs! That's part of big city life. Our Books is the bookshop with the ambition to offer great litterature along with inspirational and practical books on (city) gardening and do-it-yourself projects, as well as art and handicraft.

We are closed for holidays

We open again on August 8th!   Meanwhile, enjoy an example of beautiful book-design. 'The Earth knows my name' contains wisdom from Native Americans concerning planting and growing food.   Also, enjoy this picture of the tomato plants we keep in the storefront window. I love the smell which is released when you touch the leaves of the tomato plant.   Finally, behold an example of what you can make from a rejected pocket book and some paint.   See you soon!

Thirst day

A very hot day today.   Today's picture depicts Joseph Heller's 'Something happened'. The author also wrote the classic 'Catch 22'.

Working diagnosis

Today's book is a rather gloomy story about an everyman stuck in between the not very accurate diagnosis of his own condition and the condition of Western society.

Square gull

Here is a seagull on the lookout for chow on S:t Knuts square, just outside the shop. There are three cafés/brasseries facing our square, and a bar/restaurant, along with the antique-shop and florist. And more.

Beckon business

Swedish midsummer has come and gone. Truly a lovely time in the coutryside; in my experience - any type of countryside will do.   Today's book: Great book! Great story! TRUE story!

Prep shop

We are preparing viral marketing, set to launch in the coming weeks.   Today's drawing is of a favourite book published in recent years. The "we" in the title is actually the main character. Usually in stories it's a "she", "he" or "I", but in this case it's a collective story. It's set in an advertising firm in economic decline. Funny and disconcerting.

Emotional density

That's what she used to write about - emotionally complicated characters and their families. The books 'Human croquet' and 'Behind the scenes at the museum' are great novels. This one I haven't had the pleasure to read yet.   Lately Kate Atkinson has written some detective stories, which have been serialized on television. I like the early novels better, though. What do you think?

Book today

Today's book concerns the European society and the jewish communities during the century and half before Hitler.

Shop chop

It's great to have a blackboard wall! We made some drawings as temporary decoration. It's also possible to write messages and pricing there.   Today's drawing is of a book by one of my favourite English writers - Julian Barnes.

Cat in my lap

We are surrogate parents to an asthmatic cat and another one with bad teeth. The asthmatic one is the more loving one, hence the cat in my lap right now.   Here is today's book.

Our shelves

Today was a day for building. I'm rearranging the shelving system today and tomorrow. Have half-and-half finished a new bookshelf today, and put the finishing touches on the blackboard wall (now ready for the chalk crayons!).   And here is today's book.

My little hobby

Here's a drawing of a book from our stock. I find it very relaxing to spend a few minutes making little pictures, like this one.   Today was a nice day at the shop. The neighbor bookshop Antikvanti celebrated their fourth anniversary. There were readings, lectures and music the whole afternoon; and of course lots of people milling around, sipping beverages. Very nice!

Our Rainy Day

Today most of the afternoon the city was seiged by a monsoon. At least the Swedish equivalent of a monsoon. Not many people came by, incidentally, which enabled me to delve into isbn-crunching. This is what needs to be done when I need to add new books to the webshop at Bokbörsen ; you add the books to the shop inventory by filling out a form containing title, author, international book code number (isbn) and other information.   Of course the new books will show up in the shop as well.   See you tomorrow 10:00 - 15:00!

Your bookshop!

Så här ser det ut i butiken. Men varje vecka tillkommer justeringar och kompletteringar. Till exempel så kommer antalet hyllor att öka, och därmed även antalet titlar.


Det är mycket pysslande när man har en butik. Till på onsdag, när vi öppnar igen, så blir det fler hyllor, stiligare i skyltfönstret och nytapetserat.   Kom in och fika en stund! /Tobbe

Smygöppning 12:e maj!

Så här trevligt var det på smygöppningen i lördags.   Kråkfågeln är Our Books logotyp/maskot.   Den tillfälliga jazztrion Annika Sylwan, Jesper Sonesson och Johannes Nästesjö spelade svängiga bitar till stor förnöjelse för övriga besökare.    

Butiken tar form!

Under 14 dagars tid har flitens lampa lyst på Hantverkaregatan 20. Idag den 16:e maj har jag öppnat butiken officiellt för allmänheten.


Välkommen till Hantverkaregatan 20 i Malmö! Vi finns vid S:t Knuts torg från och med onsdagen den 16:e maj.