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Cheap Thrills - the Precision of an Agfa Optima 200

This was a €4 bargain. I have to admit I didn't expect much from the camera, but I am humbled by what came out on my roll of film.

I bought it from a second hand shop on my way to IKEA the other week. I figured that even if the selenium cell light meter doesn't work usually the shutters on these old cameras work anyway - at flash speed (1/125 or 1/60) - and similarly, apertures can be tweaked into a couple of settings.

This time the meter did work - and darn accurately at that!

What is more: The lens is really sharp as well!

The lens tends to haze a little around strong light sources. I don't mind. It lends some mystery to photos.

This exposure was made to see how much is actually in the frame compared to what the markings in the finder indicate. I framed after the window, but can now see that more is included on all sides.

That's a robot lawn mower crossing!

This one's made to see how the closest focus (1 m) depth of field looks. It was an overcast day.

And this exposure was made to see how infinity focus (at 3 m) looks. I did certainly not expect such sharp rendering!

The compulsive cat photo!

I exposed on my standard film Fomapan 400. The photos were overexposed by 1,5 steps since the maximum ASA setting on the camera is 164.

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