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getOurBooks Recap #3

Some time ago I reached out to former customers of mine who'd bought cameras from my webshop getOurBooks at Etsy. I've - since starting to sell the cameras two years ago - wanted to know what happens to them. Through the "getOurBooks Recap" some of the cameras get a story.

A lot of the submissions are awarded with really exciting token gifts. It is not too late to contribute!

Here is the third contribution:


Alex John Brown:


Below I have attached 2 images that I shot on the Canon Canonet 28 that I bought from your store and have also included a short brief about the images and some information about myself.

My name is Alex John Brown. I’m a young (23) London based photographer. My professional work is mainly fashion and portrait based, however I enjoy photography as a whole and will pretty much shoot anything if I think it will make a great picture. My personal work is more art based. The two images that I have included here are from an ongoing personal project of mine called “Travel Series” which aims to capture the nostalgia, beauty and freedom of being young and exploring brighter places.

Image Copyright © Alex John Brown

The first image is a shot of my girlfriend, Nancy. She’s sitting outside a bar in Spain smoking a Vouge cigarette. I was surprised at how well this shot came out considering the low light and the basic functions of the Canonet but I think it captured the light really well. Shot on Kodak Gold 200.

Image Copyright © Alex John Brown

The second image is a shot of a tree / shrub? Whatever it is, it caught my eye the second I arrived at the villa we were staying at whilst in Spain. I waited until midday so that the shadow of the tree would be on the floor under it rather than over one of the white walls. I think there's a lot about this image that is aesthetically pleasing such as the leading lines, points of interest and colours, I think its also quite tranquil and shows nature and man-made structures working well together. Shot on Kodak Gold 200.

Here is Alex' camera from the listing at getOurBooks.

Check out Alex' homepage:


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